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Hyttes by the sea in Ryfylke, just north of Stavanger Norway
Hyttes by the sea in Ryfylke,
just north of Stavanger

Hytte or Cottage vacations in Norway

Using 1, 2 - or more - hyttes as a base for your touring and getting the flavour of Norway is a great way of organising a holiday here, especially if you think about where you want to go, and what your main interests are.
You can then choose to tour from your base, or stay put and soak up the atmosphere.

Sea, fjords and lakes

If you like the sound of having your own boat tied up at your holiday home, with perhaps some fishing, or exploring the local islands and inlets, then this could be for you.
The Ryfylke area just north of Stavanger is a still-unknown paradise, Sørlandet is a hugely popular summer holiday location for boats and fishing. Hardanger and Sognefjord are also very popular.

Mountains and valleys

Sirdal and Setesdal are popular winter skiing destinations. In the summer the road between them is open, making it possible to explore far and wide. There are many activities up here, with great hiking, canoeing on the lakes, bike trails and in Hovden the chair lift can carry you up the mountain.
A little further east is Telemark, with the canal linking the lakes all the way from Skien to Dalen

Hytte and apartment booking

We have our own booking system for hytter and apartments