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Hyttes by the sea in the Ryfylke area just north of Stavanger Norway
Hyttes by the sea in the
Ryfylke area just north of
Stavanger Norway

Hyttes Cottages Cabins apartments self-catering accommodation

The hytte is the main self-catering option in Norway, although apartments are also increasingly common. Hytte is commonly translated to cabin, lodge or cottage, but they can be anything from a simple one room hut to a large, luxurious house.
Most hytter for rent are fairly well equipped, especially those that have been built or renovated in the last 10-15 years. You can read a general description of what to expect at a hytte here.

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Skiing areas

In many ski areas of Norway there is extremely limited hotel accommodation, making hytte rental the only viable option.
You may come here thinking about alpine skiing, but give cross-country skiing a try - you can quite possibly ski on many kilometers of prepared loops, right from the door of your cabin.

Fjord and lake areas

Cabin rental close to the sea or beside a lake often comes with a boat, and is a great way to experience the fantastic outdoor life on offer here - it is a big country and less than 5 millions people, so you may well get the mountain, fjord, or lake to yourselves, in scenery that would draw thousands of visitors anywhere else in Europe.