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Manafossen waterfall near Stavanger Norway
Månafossen waterfall near
Stavanger Norway - a
great view and popular
short steep walk for kids
- especially when they have
been sitting in a
car too long

Kids and Family activities near Stavanger Norway

There are many great activities for families with young or older children here, and we can help you juggle the interests of the adults who may want to experience amazing scenery with kids who may hate sitting in the back of the car.

Activity guide

We have aver 130 trips out published (and more on the way) all rated for the kids verdict.
You can also browse or search for activities that are particularly interesting or suitable for kids and with touring trips we try to suggest stops along the way that will entertain or burn up some energy - Månafossen in the picture on the right is a great example of this - a 20 minute scramble and scary drops - perfect!


There are many other attractions in or close to the towns - Stavanger Oil museum, Jæren Museum Kvia are both great fun for kids, for example.
Kristiansand Dyreparken and Kongeparken near Ålgård are both hugely popular

Something different

How about railway biking, at Figgio - Ålgård, or Flekkefjord?
Or combine railway and biking another way - there are good cycle routes in the Jæren south of Stavanger, and you can take the train to get there. Froylandsvatnet by Bryne, or Hellvik to Egersund for example


Whether beginner or advanced, there are good skiing options here. In Sirdal, Tjørhomfjellet has a free rope tow and beginners area that is a very good place to start - and more advanced members of the family can get up the chairlift for more challenging skiing