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Manafossen waterfall near Stavanger Norway
Månafossen waterfall near
Stavanger Norway

Norway holidays

Norway is a big country with so much to see, experience and discover on your vacation. With a small population, you will be amazed at the places you can go and be the only people there enjoying it - anywhere else in Europe there would be thousands of people at such a place. The Stavanger region is a good place to start or finish.
Plan, get off the main roads when you don't need them, and enjoy!
Choose one of the links below, to give you more ideas.

Summer touring holidays

Great fjords, mountains, valleys, lakes, islands. We suggest routes for you to take.

Cottage holidays

Use a hytte (cabin or cottage) as a base for your holiday - or move and have 2 or more bases while you are here.

Weekends and short breaks

Weekends and short breaks are becoming more popular here, as more people discover the mix of stunning attractions close to town, great restaurants and nightlife, and good weekend hotel availability.

Skiing vacations

How best to do it - hotel, hytte, or "commute" from the big towns and get great nightlife too.

Business trips

The best hotel room booking service of course, but also restaurant guides, arrangement of team-building events and if you have the leisure time, we have the suggestions.