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off-piste skiing in Sirdal near Stavanger Norway
off-piste skiing: Tjørhomfjellet
in Sirdal less than 2 hours
from Stavanger airport

Ski vacations in Norway - skiing holidays

Skiing holidays to Norway are becoming more popular all the time, and the resorts are growing fast. You can find our guide to Norwegian skiing here. So what is the attraction, and is it true that it is expensive here?

Fantastic family skiing

Norwegian families take their children with them skiing. If you go cross-country skiing, you will see babies out with the rest of the family, pulled along in a covered sledge called a pulk.
Because of this culture, the skisenters welcome children and you will find good facilities for them - one of the reasons why so many Danish families will go north to Norway rather than south to Austria, for example.


This is not Switzerland or Austria and with a few exceptions apres-ski is more of an after-thought.
Most people settle down in their hytte for the evening.

Food and drink prices

Drinking alcohol in a pub or restaurant here IS expensive, and food is not cheap either, but prices in supermarkets -although high - are not so bad as some years ago.

Main skiing vacation options

You have 3 main options for a skiing holiday here:
- Book a hotel room in a resort area, possibly as a package;
- Book a hytte (cabin or cottage) or apartment in a resort area;
- Book a hotel (or other accommodation) in Stavanger - or another town - and take ski-bus or ski-boat services to the ski resort areas. This lets you make the most of the great restaurants and night-life in the cities (and good weekend hotel rates). This will suit younger people without children mostly of course, but is becoming quite popular.