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3 swords monument at Hafrsfjord Stavanger Norway
The three swords monument
(Sverd i Fjell) at Hafrsfjord,
Stavanger Norway

Vikings and history near Stavanger Norway

It is over 1000 years since Harald Hårfagre won the battle of Hafrsfjord (just north of Stavanger Sola airport) and began to build Norway into a nation.
The 3 swords monument, called "Sverd i Fjell" commemorates this.
There are many other signs of the vikings and other history here - with some of them listed below.

Museums and information centres

In Stavanger there is the Archeological museum, and other museums.
At Avaldsnes on Karmøy near Haugesund (Norway's first royal home) is the Nordvegen Historiesenter - including video presentations of viking history with several languages of translation

Other exhibits

In Stavanger there is the 12th century cathedral - Domkirken - and also the re-constructed iron age farm - Jernaldergarden - with demonstrations of old crafts and food on Sundays and during the summer.
At Avaldsnes, Karmøy is the Viking centre on Bukkøy and also St. Olavs church - both at the same place as the Nordvegen History Centre.
Utstein Kloster is a 13th century monastery on Mosterøy, north of Stavanger. At Forsand, by the mouth of Lysefjord, is Landa, where bronze age and iron age buildings are being found, and reconstructed.
In Haugesund is Haraldshaugen, a celebration of the founding of Norway, put up in the years before Norway became independent in 1905

Rock Carvings

You can find bronze age rock carvings at Fluberget, near the 3 swords monument, in Stavanger and also at Solbakk between Tau and Jørpeland - on the way to the car park for the Pulpit Rock hike